WordPress is similar to Drupal in that it supports Posts, Pages and Categories of Posts. It isn’t similar in that Drupal supporta ‘Sticky’ to put a post at the top of the homepage or any given category page.

In addition, ALL WordPress posts go to the posts page. As a result, we’ll make a few changes.

Site Architecture

Create multiple categories for postings.
Rather than use the default category page, we’ll create a static page and insert a ‘shortcode’ (from Shortcodes Ultimate) for each category on separate pages. This provides more flexibility in page layouts.

We’ll also use a separate category called ‘Home’ to allow the category to post to the homepage as well.

We’ll also use a separate category called ‘Sticky’ to force a post to the top of the homepage (only). If you use this, don’t use the ‘Home’ category as well.

All other category postings are sorted by date.


I’m using a child theme of the ‘Canvas’ theme by Woothemes. The parent theme has NOT been modified.


iThemes Security for security
Nextgen Gallery for gallery images
ShortCodes Ultimate for some awesome shortcodes not available with Canvas.
Tablepress in case they need some awesome looking tables

How to Post

Create a post.
Select a category for the post.
You can optionally add either the ‘Home’ OR the’Sticky’ to publish to the front page as well.

When to Create a Page

Use a page along with the category short code for a category page.
For static/long term content that will reside on a specific page.


You can use revisions.

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