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Was the coach prepared for games and practices and were they well organized?

Did this coach communicate or demonstrate effectively the concepts he/she is trying to teach?

Did this coach display and encourage respect for game officials?

Did this coach display encouraging and positive conduct on the field?

Did this coach attempt to provide play for all players at least for 1/2 of the game?

Did this coach motivate your daughter in a positive manner?

Do you feel that as a direct result of being coached by your current coach your daughters skill level has improved?

Does the Coaching Staff effectively use the technical services of the Club?

Do you have anything you would like to share regarding the coach and his/her coaching style, attitude and techniques?

All personal information is kept confidential, with the exception of the Executive Director, Technical Director & Club President. Telephone numbers would be helpful if we would like to follow up on any comments or concerns. Evaluations will then be summarized and all personal or identifying information removed before sharing with the Coach and Coach Selection Committee.

Evaluations without personal information will be reviewed by the Executive Director and Technical Director but will NOT be provided to the Coach Selection Committee.

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