Net Boxes and Light Controls

To gain access to ALL DELTA field & light boxes (except the North Delta Park ball diamonds), there is a key inside a key lock box like the one shown below. The key lock box hangs on the handle of the field box or on the side of the light controls. Contact one of our equipment managers for the access code. See the contacts page for their email or phone number.



Some things to keep in mind:

  • Always put the nets and flags back in the box when finished.
  • Never allow clubs or teams other than SurDel or North Delta Youth Soccer to use the equipment as they don’t have access to the lock box – no matter how much they beg.
  • Please treat it like your own – it costs the club substantial dollars to replace.
  • Always put the key back in the key lock box and lock it.
  • Finally please report any damage, defacing or malfunction of the boxes to the SurDel or North Delta Youth Soccer equipment managers.

Thank you for your cooperation. Our players appreciate it!


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